Bharatpur Birding Trip (Keoladeo Ghana Bird Sanctuary)

What is this tour is about: This is a 4-hour trip to Bharatpur, a sanctuary designated under the Ramsar Convention as a Wetland of International Importance. Bharatpur is also a UNESCO World Heritage site. It is located an hour’s drive away from Agra (on the highway to Jaipur), adjacent to Akbar’s abandoned city Fatehpur Sikri.

Keoladeo is a complex of ten artificial, seasonal lagoons, varying in size. The vegetation is a mosaic of scrub and open grassland that provides excellent habitat for breeding, wintering and staging migratory birds. Also supported are five species of ungulates, four species of cats, and two species of primates, as well as diverse plants, fish and reptiles.

Over the past few years, the ecology of Bharatpur has been threatened by lack of water. Drought-like conditions, the presence of feral cattle, the growth of an invasive grass species, and diversion of canal water for agriculture, have led to the depletion of the wetlands, to the detriment of both local and migratory bird populations.

However, the last two years have seen good monsoons and the park lagoons have received the much-needed water. Birding is expected to be good this year, and the migrants are expected to start arriving in October.

Duration: 4 hours including travel time

When: Any day of the week. We will leave Agra early in order to arrive at the park at dawn. After two hours of birding, we will have breakfast in Bharatpur, and then return to Agra.

Start point: Your hotel

End point: Your hotel

Coverage: Keoladeo Bird Sanctuary

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